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Future of the Korean education service industry - 4DFrame

We invite teachers to accompany the future of Korean education with us.

We are recruiting teachers who will work as math and science education professionals at 4DFrame nationwide branches/HQs/centers.


Area Job description Qualification
nationwide branches
Creativity math education
Math and science gifted education
Thinking ability and creativity education for preschoolers
· A person who majored in early childhood education, graduate from a vocational college or higher
· Preference for a person with science and engineering-related majors graduate from a four-year college or higher
· Preference for a person from a teachers’ college, graduate from a four-year college or higher
· Preference for an experienced person in the same industry
After school
education teacher
Creativity math education · A graduate from a vocational college / four-year college or higher
· Preference for a person with science and engineering majors
· Preference for an experienced person in the same industry

Contact +82-31-553-1013 Domestic Sales Team 1 of 4D Land Inc.

Teachers’ activity areas

  • Serve as a preschooler creative gifted child instructor at daycare centers and kindergartens, etc. in each region

  • Serve as a professional instructor for 4D Creativity School at cultural centers and art academies

  • Serve as an after school teacher at elementary schools

  • Teach at math cram schools

  • Give lectures at secondary schools ~ colleges after undertaking the intermediate and advanced courses following the acquisition of a beginner’s level license

How to apply

Document application <온라인접수> Resume and cover letter
Interview Visit a regional center for individual interview
OJT at the center Successful interviewees will receive basic training.
Introductory training
Successful OJT participants will join our teacher training session.
Certification of teachers Issue a beginner’s level license certificate for 4D Creativity School
01 Documents should be submitted online (by e-mail) at the websites of our head office or regional centers.
02 Only the successful applicants in the first document application procedure are interviewed. The interviewees will receive an e-mail notice of their individual schedule and preliminary questions from branches, HQs, and centers. Although an individual interview is a principle, a group interview could be conducted according to circumstances.
03 OJT for teachers: The successful interviewees should take the OJT course as teachers.
Those who have completed the OJT for teachers and undertook certain processes are eligible for our license qualification training.
04 Introductory training : This is conducted at the head office on Thursday to Saturday (two nights three days) in the third week of every month. The participants take the whole education courses for 4DFrame’s preschool subjects to elementary school subjects and thus understand the curriculum as teachers and learn teaching methods.
05 Certification of teachers : Our head office operates three-step certification processes for teachers. In the 1st certification process, the license is issued after completing the beginner’s level license process. This process is the most basic training encompassing preschool and elementary school subjects. Teachers who have worked in the field for a year after undergoing the 1st process can receive the 2nd certification process. Those who achieve the 3rd certification thereafter can upgrade their vision to becoming professional instructors to offer advanced lectures such as college programs and current teacher training sessions.