Membership guide

Recruitment of business partners

We will work with people who have the following visions.

  • One with qualities and knowledge as an educator

  • One with experience and vision in education business

  • One who wants to be successful in education business through 4DFrame

  • One who wants to successfully turn into business an alternative to my child’s math, science and creativity education

  • One who is already operating a business for preschoolers like daycare centers and kindergartens

  • One who always ponders about a new education program while operating a private education institute

  • One who plans to start an own business using educational knowhow attained while working as a teacher

Conditions for opening branches and headquarters

Classification Condition
Trademark 4D Creativity School Education Headquarters
Regional business right
(Permissible number of ppl for education)
Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, metropolitan cities, and new cities: 5,000 persons
Other regions: Adjustable according to each regional situation
Facility condition Site area of around 82.5 ㎡ (25 pyeong) (space permitted to be used as a private institute)
Options: Cram school type or private institute type
Documents to be submitted Education HQ application (use HQ template form or online)
Individual resume and cover letter (submission by e-mail)
Cram school/academic institute (registration certificate /business registration certificate)
Other documents requested by a HQ person in charge of education

Contact +82-31-553-1013 Domestic Sales Team 1 of 4D Land Inc.

Conditions for opening branches and headquarters

  • Realize a dream of business education with a small amount of initial investment

  • The head office supports a selected option, cram school type or private institute type, with corresponding programs and education of operation.

  • Continued education about programs for franchise managers and teachers

  • Award licenses of patented educational tools, education programs, manuals and logos

  • Assist in analyzing the commercial district of the prospective location and business feasibility

  • Support marketing and jointly operate promotional businesses with franchise members for their stable establishment and growth

  • Provide various PR material drafts such as brochures, leaflets, and posters, etc