Tailor-made Programs– Program for Religious Groups

Christianity education program of 4DFrame

Biblical education through 4DFrame

This program expands mathematical and scientific thinking capacity in a natural fashion through biblical stories and establishes a world view based on creationism. Moreover, it allows for the reenactment of biblical stories through 4DFrame and other various 4D tools, upgrading spatial perception and enhancing the self-driven learning ability of learners with a focus on the process through presentation and discussion.

The 4D application class is a comprehensive thinking program. It aims to lead children to enlarge their perspectives, nurture their biblical values, and develop infinite imagination and creativity given by God by analyzing persons and events in the Bible and sharing biblical values.

This program is a Christian education model at church schools. It restructured the educational tool learning of mathematical and scientific principles based on the Bible to match the levels of infants, preschoolers, and elementary school students.

The purposes of the program are to enable Christian education using 4DFrame to cultivate the next generation used for the Kingdom of God. Such Christian education promotes creativity of children and youths at church education fields, helps them to respect individuality in diversity and develops teamwork through mutual personal interactions.

Church school children and youths understand and experience a new Christian education for the next generation through 4DFrame educational tools and improve their thinking skills and creativity. We are implementing Christian education for the next generation at church education institutes while conducting elementary and secondary specialty and aptitude programs and extracurricular activities in schools.

In this regard, we first cover details on Christian education to be addressed at church education sites and 4DFrame and offer Christian educational programs and various information and materials through 4DFrame to lay out a new paradigm for Christian education for the next generation in church schools.

Effects of church school education through 4DFrame

  • New concept of education to understand the Bible through 4DFrame and integrate creativity

  • Education that assesses academic achievement through experience by connecting the ability to analyze and understand the Bible and the education curriculum

  • Ability to put oneself in biblical situations through empathy

  • Class using concentration, thinking skills, application skills, observation, expression, imagination, and creativity

  • Understanding of various mathematical and scientific principles that can be found in the Bible and establishment of a world view based on creationism

  • Group education through retreats and camps encompassing special themes and exciting experiences

  • Leadership through group activity and classes composed of discussion and presentation

Bible Study Education Program through 4DFrame [connected with school education]

Bible study program for infants, preschoolers, and elementary school students / After school program and Saturday class education programs

  • Curriculum : One-year curriculum for infants, preschoolers and elementary school students by phase according to their age

  • Target : Infants, preschoolers aged 4 to 7, and elementary school students of grade 1 to 6

  • Number of learners : Approx. 10-20 (subject to change depending on the class composition.)

  • Date and time : Every weekday or Saturday (45 min per week)

Retreat and Camp Program with 4D

  • Phase-specific program according to each age through group education subjects

  • Education program to generate ideas and produce results together

  • Program integrating special themes and exciting experiences

  • Program for developing leadership and problem-solving skills through teamwork activity

Education Program for the Invention Class • Gifted Class

  • Think - Design - Express through model - Solve problems - Wrap up

  • Program assisting in sharing ideas and expressing various biblical themes through many stories (e.g. Genesis, Garden of Eden, and Arc of Noah), people, events, buildings, and terms (e.g., Easter, week of Passion, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas), etc. in the Bible