Greetings from CEO

Best Institution, Best Learning

We are a robust education company with global competitiveness

4DFrame is an innovative creative educational tool developed in SouthKorea for creative math and science education.

4D Land Inc. develops educational tools and programs and offers related services in a company specialized in creative education and possesses some 60 patents and utility models.

We at 4D Land Inc. aim to nurture future talents equipped with creative, scientific and technological minds and provide diverse creative education programs based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) for all age groups. Since the foundation in 2003, our company has grown into a global supplier of teaching materials with branches in 26 countries worldwide.

Our core value is to spatially restructure thinking of children and develop creative and scientific minds. To that end, we deliver educational contents that integrate various fields such as traditional areas, science, technology, engineering, and art among others.

We have been continuing R&D to develop the best education and experience programs. We are leading the future of IT-based coding education by recently developing the 4DFrame Mechatronics program.

4D Land Inc. will lay the foundation to nurture future-oriented, creative, and outstanding scientific talents through 4D educational tools that can improve spatial thinking ability based on 4D math and science education programs.

CEO of 4D Land Inc.