4D Block

Introduction to 4D Block

Nontoxic, odorless and safe educational tool that obtained the CE mark and is made of E.V.A

“4D block” is the minimum basic unit of three dimensional expressions, and these objects are accumulated together to enable free expressions of all of children’s imaginations from 2D plane compositions to 3D solid expressions.

Stability stemming from safety

They are in cuboid shapes of 60 mm in width × 30 mm in length × 20 mm in height and made of E.V.A, which are completely different from existing (wooden or plastic) blocks. This means that 4D Blocks are light and soft in touch, cause less noise when thrown or knocked down, and have no risk of injury. 4D Block with the CE mark is nontoxic and processed with deodorants, and therefore safe for infants.

In contrast to existing colorful blocks, 4D Block uses two ideal colors that stabilize children’s emotion and sentiment: red brick color (soil color) and black-grey color (roof tile color) that were made with earth by Korean ancestors.

One another, together

Instead of a type that inserts blocks with each other, 4D Block can express 3D shapes that are built on the basis of statics, center of mass, dispersion of force, and the opposite direction of gravity as well as letters and plane patterns among others. Moreover, it can also be played with other games such as domino game and block hitting.

All age groups from infants to adults can play 4D Block together, and it helps people to escape from leaning towards individualistic and self-centered mindsets of these days and cultivate the spirit ofteamwork and character through such team activities.

Compositions and features of 4D Block

  • 01

    4D Block is comprised of a box of 400 blocks, 200 for each color.

  • 02

    4D Block is safe, light and soft.

  • 03

    4D Block is hygienic for children in that it can be washed in soapy water.

  • 04

    4D Block enables a variety of expressions such as plane and 3D compositions, domino game, maze making, and letter combinations, etc.

Effects of 4D Block activity

  • 4D Block increases creativity and imagination since expression can vary according to ways of thinking.

  • While stacking up 4D blocks, children improve mathematical thinking, which requires accuracy and rationality through mathematical concepts of number, quantity, size, shape, area, and volume, etc.

  • 4D Block activity strengthens concentration, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills among others.

  • 4D Block’s group activity assists children in learning relationships based on mutual cooperation and it is helpful for character education.

Learning fields of 4D Block

Mathematics, logics, and geometry · Distinction and combination of figure types and shapes
· Memory/logical thinking/problem-solving skill
· Object shapes’ expression/classification/pattern/counting
· Counting/rule finding/basic numerical concept
Creativity, space composition,
and physical activity
· Architecture, space, and position concepts
· Various activities and games
· Spatial perceptual ability/organizing ability/development of fine motor skills
· Expression/imagination/creative thinking
and linguistic expression
· Improved hand-eye coordination
· Improved vocabulary/presentation skills
· Multiple letter expressions
Character, emotion, and cooperation · Teamwork/character education
· Mental cognition/concentration/positive thinking
· Social skills/peer relations/conflict resolution

4D Family Block

Blocks that you stack and build without any adhesives

Family Block is a creative block that minimizes the use of wooden, brick, and concrete blocks used in architecture, avoids the use of adhesives, and is stacked and built up in the opposite direction of gravity.

Educational effects of Family Block

Building Family Block can enhance a sense of horizontality using the center of mass, originality, spatial perceptual ability, and logical and mathematical capacity among others through family play.

Family Block made of urethane E.V.A boasts resilience unlike wooden or plastic blocks and emphasizes lightness, voluminous softness low noise, stable color, and stability based on non-toxicity and deodorant processing among others.

Furthermore, 4D Family Block is a safe product that is harmless even when thrown and stepped on. It is a fun block that children can play without any intervention of teachers in kindergartens, camps, daycare centers and private educational institutes among others.

Composition of 4D Family Block

4D Family Block is composed of cuboid blocks of 6.5 cm in width × 3 cm in length × 2 cm in thickness as well as triangular, square and semicircular blocks. Their colors are light brown and grey.