Concept of 4DFrame

Creative educational tool that can build unlimited creative works

4DFrame is a creative educational tool that can combine and connect the most basic units of all figures to comprise frames and thereby gradually build various polyhedrons and unlimited creative pieces.

Unrestricted and free imagination 4DFrame

4DFrame is a versatile material that can create everything that we intend to imagine and express in an unrestricted and free manner. The dictionary meaning of 4DFrame is a compound word of “4D” (four dimensions) and “frame.”

4DFrame represents 4D (Fourth dimension) – addition of concept of time to 3D (Third dimension). As an example, when an object that has no real meaning by itself alone (i.e., point: 0 dimension) meets another object, it converts to line (1 dimension), plane (2 dimensions), and solid (3 dimensions). By doing so, it reveals thoughts and inward consciousness of the person engaging in such expression.

Boundless connectivity 4DFrame

4DFrame allows users to freely set the angles at 0° - 360° by connecting tubes with connectors and with a simple instrument in the form of scissors, users can cut tubes and connectors to whatever length and shape desired and thereby create anything envisaged.

This is the biggest and most important feature of 4DFrame.

Educational effects of 4DFrame

  • 01

    Understand geometrical characteristics like basic principles of figures and expression of solids, etc.

  • 02

    Generate interest if used in learning mathematics

  • 03

    Helpful to improve mathematical deduction and spatial perceptual abilities

  • 04

    Able to express various figures (polygons) depending on the number of tubes and connectors

  • 05

    Free expression of connector angles

It is difficult for children to correctly understand the characteristics of solid figures based solely on illustrations in textbooks.
4DFrame, if used in learning mathematics, generates interests in learning math and helps to improve the mathematical deduction and spatial perceptual abilities.

Type of tubes

Type of connectors

How to use frames

Connecting and inserting

Free bending


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Diverse angle adjustments of connectors

Each connector leg is 1cm long.
Each leg has a different angle:
Octopod (45°), hexapod (60°), pentapod (72°), tetrapod (90°), tripod (120°), and linear leg (duopod, 180°),