4D Super Frame for Kids Math

What is Super 4DFrame Kids Math?

Systematic & practical math education for preschoolers covering the Big Five mathematical areas

For the intended and systematic approach to math education for preschoolers, Super 4DFrame Preschooler Play Math Kids Math is an activity program suited to the composition ratio of Big Five mathematical areas (number arithmetic operation, algebra, geometry, measurement, and statistics) of the Nuri curriculum and the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics). As the preschooler math activities based on balanced activities rather than leaning towards any one area, Super 4DFrame Preschooler Play Math Kids Math is easy to apply, in part or whole, to homes and preschooler education institutes in the field.

Activity educational tool to improve collaborative problem-solving skills

In 2015, the OECD announced that it would add “collaborative problem-solving skills” to the assessment of mathematical abilities in the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) for capacity to enter the society. Super 4DFrame Preschooler Play Math Kids Math is designed for preschoolers to use knowledge, techniques and efforts to solve a problem together with their peers and effectively participate in the process of sharing each other’s understanding and endeavor.

Super 4DFrame Kids Math

provides an experience of utilizing an educational tool that is equipped with both structure and openness for preschoolers.

In Super 4DFrame Preschooler Play Math Kids Math, two functions are applied simultaneously: a teacher-centered structural educational tool and a child-centered open-type educational tool. Super 4DFrame Kids Math can maximize math learning of preschoolers since they can attain mathematical knowledge through educational tool activities, engage in modeling of their teacher’s process skills in handling the educational tool, and freely express themselves.

Super 4DFrame Kids Math is a coupling educational tool to enable connected learning between institutes and homes.

Super 4DFrame Preschooler Play Math Kids Math can connect between institutes and homes through a “coupling educational tool” of the identical activities. After children engage in activities with 4D Super Frame Preschooler Play Math Kids Math with their teachers and friends in a preschool education institute, for each activity they can repeat the whole learning process using small 4DFrame educational tools and materials at home or classes instead of ending up as a mere output.