Online Special STEAM Seminar on February 3!

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  • 2021-01-26 17:56:00
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Welcome to the first Special STEAM Seminar event of 2021. On February 3, we will be joined by another great speakers from Indonesia and Hong Kong!

Dr. Farida Nurhasanah is basically a lecturer and researcher in Mathematics Education Department, Teachers Training and Education Faculty, Sebelas Maret University. Since June 2020, she was appointed as deputy director for program in SEAMEO for QITEP (Quality Improvement of Teachers and Educational Personnel) in Mathematics. She also the founder of “Kid Scientist Corner. Com”, a website that provide resources for learning mathematics and science for parents, teachers, and students in Indonesia.

Currently, she is researching the topic of TPD program, STEM and STEAM, Hybrid teaching and learning, Continuing Classroom Action Research, as well as games for teaching mathematics.

As the DDP in SEAQiM she is actively designing TPD program for mathematics teachers in south east Asian countries. Her goal, together with establishing the organization’s mission and the vision, is to inspire mathematics teachers to be inspiring teachers for their students through innovative TPD programs.

Dr. Cheng Wing Kin is a freelance educator, author and researcher in Hong Kong. He works as a curriculum development officer at The University of Hong Kong and he has been teaching in various universities in Hong Kong, including The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University. He wrote a book about how to learn Mathematics with dice entitled 'Having fun with dice - Learning Mathematics with fun for primary school kids' (骰樂無窮—小學生骰仔學數學). He is also a freelance researcher interested in mathematics pedagogy, gamification, student-centered learning, teaching and learning with 4Dframe, etc. He is an Overseas Director of International Society for the Advancement of STEAM.

Ms. Claire Tsz Yan, his daughter who is a 12-year-old Grade 7 student studying in St Mark's School in Hong Kong, will also join the session together with his father. She has keen interest in drawing and creating something new with STEM tools such as 4Dframe, Micro:bit and Arduino. She has won different awards in STEAM, including the Gold Award in Primary Mechatronic Division in The 2019 13th International Mathematical Science Creativity Competition organized by the Foundation for the Advancement of STEAM which took place in Gwacheon, Korea.



You can register by clicking this link!

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