Hogul Park, a Developer of 4D FRAME Tool

The 3rd Soil

All of nature’s creations come soil and return to soil. But as the environment and its conditions change, all creations have to make their own adaptations according to nature’s law. This results in more atypical patterns and rules than typical ones. There are more atypical movements of life, and when problems occur, creations have the ability to restore in and of themselves.Humans, as created three-dimensional objects, are built to solve not just typical questions but also those of atypical patterns and rules and thinking creatively according nature’s laws. The fruit of the creative thinking of the human brain—we call this the third soil.

What is 4D Frame

4D Frame is a combination word of 4D and frame. 4D is 3D plus the concept of time. When one point meets other entities, it creates a one dimensional line, then a two dimensional side, and then a three dimensional solid, which eventually can express the human thought and even the inward consciousness. 4D allows you to sense the process through which matters are constructed, and the initiates the process of thinking. At the same time, 4D also implies children’s dreams, which they can fulfill through their boundless imaginations.

Studying traditional Korean architecture models reveals that the foundation of traditional buildings were built without using nails, as if putting together a three-dimensional puzzle. Considering the unstableness of the ground and the change in the material due to heat, joints were used to connect the soft trees and fill in the cracks. 4D Frame was also invented from this architectural principle which reflects the problem-solving ability of nature.

The tube and connector of 4DFrame is made of a soft and mild material called polypropylene, and the inside of the tube is hollow so it bends without breaking. With scissors you can cut it to whatever length you want, to freely express yourself; children can tell their stories through creative constructions, as there are no limitations.


Principle of Korea Traditional Architecture

Best STEAM Adaptable Tool, 4DFrame

4DFrame allows you to materialize each reality in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics as a 4D Frame model. At the same time, it has a constructed model for each field—4D STEAM, 4D Activity, and 4D Preschool—and provides teachers and students with a customized educational tool and program.

Educational Areas

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