4DFrame is an innovative educational tool developed in Korea for creative math and science education. 4D Land Inc. is a company specializing in creative education, which develops educational tools and programs and provides relevant services, holding around 60 patents and utility models. We aim to cultivate people of talent—creative, scientific and technological minds of the future— andprovide diverse creative education programs based on STEAM for all age groups. Since our foundation in 2003, we havegrown into a global supplier of educational material, with branches in 13 countries worldwide.

Rebrain to Remind

Our central value is to spatially restructure children’s thinking and develop creative scientific minds.In order to do so, we provide an education that integrates the traditional fields ofmath, and science with technology, engineering, art and a variety of other areas.Since our foundation, we haveconducted continuous research and development in an effort to develop the best education and experience programs. Recently, through the development of the 4D Mechatronics program, we are leading the future of IT-based programing coding-education.

Spatial Thinking

With a 4D educational tool which can enhance children’s ability in spatial thinking through 4D math and science educational programs in all levels, we will set the foundation for developing future-oriented, creative and scientifically talented individuals.

Yang, Hyo Sook CEO
4D Land Inc.