4D Land Inc. is in charge of 4DFram’s domestic and overseas production and sales as well as overall provision of STEAM education service’s educational contents and programs. It provides 4DFrame’s products and programs to 13 countries worldwide including Sweden and Finland, and is striving to foster STEAM-related teachers’ duty training, creative math and science technical advisor courses, and creative teacher training domestically and overseas.

Business Area

Through continuous development of technical and educational programs, 4D EDU Center is franchising and providing various programs for children and adults, with a focus on those for special education teachers. Its flexible program and product structure makes it easy to connect with other educational programs. We are also planning on implementing a children’s coding education program through an IT-based program using 4D Frame.


Product & Service

We offer a creation and invention kit based on 4D Frame tool, 4D Mechatronics, a smartphone-controllable IT-based program, an annual STEAM program for children and elementary school students that provides monthly workbooks and tools, and a STEAM-oriented team building program

Tools Creativity Program Invention Program IT based Program Yearly Program
Team building Program
Kit Package Kit Package Kit Package Math Creativity &Science Research
4D Frame tube Math
Math & Science
Small Size
Creativity Math & Science for Gifted students
7 Math class
8 Science class-
4D Mechatronics
Level 1
5-7 age
Level1 Super 4D Frame
4D Connectors (pods) Creativity Math & Science for Gifted students
6 Math class
7 Science class
Math & Science
Medium Size
4D Mechatronics
Level 2
Level3 Big Geodesic Dome
4D Sticker Creativity Math for Gifted students
15 Math class
Primary School
8-13 age
Math & Science
Large Size
4D Mechatronics
Level 3
Level2 Big Warka Water
4D Block Creativity Science for Gifted students
15 Science class
4D Frame Product & Program

Frame Programs

4D Frame Program by Age