4DFrame is developing various educational tools and programs that are size-up versions of 4DFrame, in which the tube and connector’s diameter is longer and the material is sturdier to enable children to have better teamwork based on the principles of math and science. With one box of Super 4D Frame,
tubes of 53cm and 60cm and a connector of 6.9cm, you can make a level 3 Sierpinski pyramid, a big geodesic dome, and a big geodesic.


  • It uses the principle of the strongest and most secure triangle, which has the center of gravity at the bottom
  • Each team builds a model to enhance teamwork while encouraging mathematical learning
  • With two people in each team, a maximum of 32 people can participate
  • Composed of 60cm and 53cm tubes and 6 connectors

Possible Models

  • 1 Sierpinski isosceles triangle level 3
  • 5 geodesic domes (radius 1m) / 2 Sierpinski level 1
  • 3 geodesic spheres (radius 1m) / 2 Sierpinski level 1
    (Above 3 cannot be made simultaneously)
Mathematical Model Concept Characteristics Super 4D Frame
Sierpinski Pyramid A model first suggested by Polish mathematician Sierpinski in 1917. When the center point of each side of one triangle is connected, four triangles are made, and if this method is repeated, an unlimited number of triangles resembling the first triangle are produced. This triangle is called the Sierpinski triangle. The Sierpinski isosceles triangle
Level 3
Height – approx. 4.4m
Sierpinski Pyramid
Geodesic Dome If N is an even number in the geodesic sphere, half of it is called the N level geodesic dome. Geodesic dome
Radius approx. 1m.
Geodesic Sphere
Geodesic Sphere A roof in the shape of a half-sphere designed in 1940 by American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller. This is the shape you get if you divide each side of a regular icosahedron by N and into regular triangles of N^2, and if you blow up this shape and make all the points be at the same distance from the center of the shape. Geodesic sphere
Radius approx. 1m
Height approx. 1m
Geodesic Dome

Super 4D Frame image