4D Mechatronics
4D Mechatronics is a combination of “4D” from “4D Frame” and “Mecha” and“Electronics” from Mechatronics. It is a software and IT based program that connects 4DFrame to electricity, electronics, IT, and SW coding.

4D Mechatronics


  • Acquire computational thinking as well as spatial thinking
  • Construct unique, creative electronical models using 4D Frame tubes and various connectors
  • Use an easy and convenient smart phone controller
  • Enhance the capability of problem solving through mission oriented program

Major Components

  • 4D Frame tubes and connectors, Mainboard
  • Mainboard1*Mainboard
  • DC Motors2* DC Motors
  • Battery1*Battery
  • LED6*LED
  • Micro 5 Pin USB cable2*Micro 5 Pin USB cable

Smart Control

  • 4 types of controlling by smart phone

Smart Control

Park’Sing School

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