4DFrame provides a 4D model in each theme that allows you to set up a math or science creativity zone in your center or classroom, so that children can observe the 3D models and develop greatest interest in math and science seminars and classes.

  • Math Zone – Plane figure, Solid figure, Planar figure, Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Catalan, Semi-regular polyhedron, Klein bottle, Torus, Carbone nanotube
  • Technology Zone – WarkaWater, Wind energy, Windmill, Pulley, Rollercoaster, Cycloid, Double cone, Waterwheel, Submarine, Car, Helicopter, Rocket, etc.
  • Biology Zone – Dinosaur, Shrimp, Dolphin, Squid, Giraffe, Rabbit, Dragon, Frog, Bear, Cicada, Ant, Eagle, etc.
  • Storytelling Zone – Gulliver’s Travels, Aesop’s Fables, Orchestra, Soccer, Fencing, Golf, Swimming, etc.
  • Cooperation Zone – Sierpinski, Geodesic dome, WarkaWater

4dframe Exhibition image