4DFrame Creativity Program comes in two sets: the Math and Science Creativity Set and the Math Creativity Set, and is composed of small, medium and large-size kits. It is an educational set with which math can be learned and understood in a fun way by using educational tools to express math or science related three-dimensional constructions (6 categories, 10 types).

Math & Science Creativity Set

  • 5-10 math or science-related models can be structured and used in lessons and creative original models can be constructed as well.
  • Set for one person
  • Manual for each model
Contents Models Size
Airplane using Solid Figure Airplane using Solid Figure Small
Geometric Bridge Structure 1 Geometric Bridge Structure 1
Non-Powered Automobiles Non-Powered Automobiles
Spaceship Spaceship
DNA Structure DNA Structure
Carbon Nanotube Structure Carbon Nanotube Structure Medium
Wind Power Generator-Alternative Energy Wind Power Generator-Alternative Energy
Geometric Bridge Structure 2 Geometric Bridge Structure 2 Large
Water Mill-Dynamic Energy Water Mill-Dynamic Energy
Helicopter-Double Gear Structure Helicopter-Double Gear Structure

Math Creativity Set

  • An educational tool set through which you can develop understanding of and interest in math by expressing math-related three-dimensional constructions (6 categories, 10 types) with the provided tools.
  • Manual for each model
  • Set for one person
Contents Models Size
Trigonal and Rectangular Prism, Trigonal and Rectangular Pyramid Trigonal and Rectangular PrismTrigonal and Rectangular Pyramid Small
Trigonal Planar Figure, Rectangular Planar Figure, Trigonal Pyramid Planar Figure, Rectangular Pyramid Planar Figure Trigonal Planar FigureRectangular Planar Figure
Hexahedron Hexahedron
Tetrapod Tetrapod
Soccer ball Soccer ball
Sierpinski Pyramid level 2 Sierpinski Pyramid level 2 Medium
Geodesic Dome Geodesic Dome
Mobius Strip Mobius Strip
Klein Bottle Klein Bottle
Regular Polyhedron Regular Polyhedron
Geodesic Sphere Geodesic Sphere Large
Mobius Strip – Triangle, Rectangular Mobius Strip – Triangle, Rectangular
Circulation of Polyhedron Circulation of Polyhedron